luni, 1 aprilie 2013

Solar Water Heater Innovation

The coils have to be in a cone shape for this system to work properly. The cold water enters the bottom center of the coils and rises through the spiral as it warms up acting like a "free" pump. The water continually circulates in the sun due to the rising hot water in the spiral of the coils.
This is a ZERO ENERGY HEATER, POWERING YOUR HOME with water heating solution, an ideal DIY appliance as ZERO ENERGY GREEN SOLAR HEATER and HOT WATER SOLUTION as DIY item for many Home Owners with limited technical skills. Basic material are easily available Plastic Barrel and Black Pipe. This Solar Heater in conjunction with home heating HDPE black pipe assembly is appropriately economical for many regions of the world. A True innovation on the rural technology for tourism, room heating and many more one can imagine. ... end-less possibilities for CARBON NEUTRAL APPLIANCE, CARBON CREDIT ENHANCEMENT for net ZERO BUILDING DESIGN solutions.
Cheapest and Easiest Solar joining two ends of pipe on to the plastic Barrel, and presto! 
A True innovation on the rural technology, One must have product for green revolution! 
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